Friday, 25 April 2014

Unused horizontal bandsaw's offer great value!

Electro Motion currently stock unused DoAll bandsaw's that were manufactured in 2011/12 offering great value compared to the price of a brand new unit.

The production DoAll C-560NC bandsaw below was manufactured in 2011 and features a numerical control (NC) with max cut's of up to 560mm rounds and 610mm x 560mm rectangular.

The DoALL NC-Line is a line of machines designed and built for general purpose sawing operations, both in manual or automatic mode.
A colour touch screen has integrated most of the functions and is easy to use.Clear instructions show the operator how to program the machine and set the feed force.

DoAll C-560NC Horizontal Bandsaw at Electro Motion (Stock No. J31069)
The DoALL Utility machines are robust, nicely built with high standards in features and finish!


  • PLC control for all electric and hydraulic functions
  • Control panel with diagnostic messages
  • Infinitely variable band speed controlled by inverter
  • Shuttle type automatic feed
  • Hydraulic band tension
  • Two-step stroke vices
  • Split front vice
  • Double retracting index vice
  • Work height sensor and rapid approach
  • Power driven band cleaning brush
  • Nesting fixture for bundle cutting
  • Length setting: magnetic scale
  • 20 jobs presetting
  • Automatic chip conveyor
We also have the DoAll C-420NC for sale that has max cut's of up to 420mm rounds and 420mm x 420mm square

Don't forget, we're always interested in buying your surplus machinery, take a look at our website for contact details!

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